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UGG® Dawson Faux Fur Throw Blanket in Glacier Grey

119 Reviews

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119 reviews ·161 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review

Can easily be washed

Colorado cozy.2 years ago

Hi I have this and love it! I own/operate a commercial laundry. I wash this on cold with 7th generation free and clear liquid detergent and nothing else. NO HEAT setting for 5 minutes In dryer to remove lint loose “fur” then hang up and let air dry overnight. Will stay soft and be like new forever! This method can be used for all faux fur.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Waste of money

emily.2 years ago
Not Recommended

At first, I loved the blanket but a few months later the faux fur got matted down. The only way to properly fix it was to bring it to the dry cleaners which is expensive. I bought a 200$ ugg comforter and now I have to waste more money.

customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 119 reviews

Doesn’t stay soft

BB&B Customer . 5 months ago

Fur is all matted down. Bought 2 of these blankets and only one has stayed soft. I’m disappointed in the inconsistency in quality of all Ugg hime products.

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Soft & Cozy

Diane . 8 months ago

This throw is super soft on both sides. It sheds lightly at first but after a few times of using it no more shedding. I bought several of these throws in different colors.

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great soft blanket

Trish . 9 months ago

These shed initially. I washed mine and let it hang to dry and the shedding is gone. People have said they get hard after you wash but I’ve washed mine several times and they’re good as new.

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Sheds a lot of fur!

BB&B Customer . 10 months ago

I really wanted to love this blanket, but it shed *so much fur* so fast! It was in my eyes, nose, and mouth and I found it intolerable. I took a photo of my *clothing* after opening it and putting it on the couch. I didn’t even snuggle up underneath it and I was covered! It took 4 lint roller sheets to remove it from my clothes but I couldn’t get it out of the back of my mouth. I had a pretty horrid visceral reaction to the particles/fur that came off. I can’t keep this blanket in my house with little ones who would also be breathing this stuff in. I’m so disappointed. I assumed the name brand and the price tag reflected the quality :( I read all the reviews before buying to see if anyone mentioned shedding too and thought it would be okay. If it was washable maybe the shedding would eventually die down after a few good washes but it’s dry clean only so no solution there. I will be returning it promptly. When I added a photo of the shedding on my clothes it wouldn’t process my review so I had to remove it.

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BB&B Customer . 10 months ago

If you would like to stay cozy warm in a very wonderfully soft and luxurious coverup this is the one for you. Do yourself a favor and get one.

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So soft but dryclean?

Beachdora . 10 months ago

Sooooo soft. My kids fight over this whenever we visit grandma and grandma (it was a gift to them). So, I bought the kids each a body pillow cover from the same line. Only downside (and potentially a big one) is that it is supposed to be dry clean only. Huge hassle. Another reviewer somewhere noted a workaround using the washing machine (cold water then air only in the dryer I think). Hope it works!

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Soft and luxurious

Angela . 10 months ago

This throw is totally luxurious and beautiful. The furry side is very soft and silky and the other side is soft and warm. It also has a nice weight to it that adds to the coziness.

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Ugg faux fur

BB&B Customer . 11 months ago

Good quality and doesn’t shed

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BB&B Customer . 11 months ago

I am so disgusted as my order has been sitting in a Florida post office for four days so far. Who knows when it will come all the way to North Dakota!

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So cozy and machine washable

BB&B Customer . 12 months ago

This is the coziest throw ever!! I use it daily and wanted to wash it so I looked at the reviews here and saw that someone said they machine wash it. So I did the same. Low spin (delicate) cold water with Woolite and then I used the air dry setting on my dryer for a few minutes then laid flat to dry the rest of the way and it’s like new!!

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Soft & Warm

Linda . 12 months ago

Super soft faux fur. It sheds a little at first but after a few days, no shedding. This oversized throw is warm but not too heavy. It is a little lighter than some throws I’ve had but it’s nice for winter and summer.

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Great Throw Blanket

Bill P . 12 months ago

My Wife had been asking for an upgraded "longer" throw blanket. We found this one on line at BB&B and ordered it. It was a surprise that they were offering same day delivery...I did not tell my Wife this and it was a pleasant surprise when it came to our front door hours after placing the order.

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Love it

Lorie . 1 year ago

Light weight but still very warm. I can turn my heat down and not worry about waking up cold

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Granddaughter lives it

debbie . 1 year ago

Beautiful and soft.

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So soft

KELLY . 1 year ago

Great size for the couch and it's super soft. Color goes with everything.

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Elizabeth . 1 year ago


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It goes with blue accents really well, and it’s an

Mkl . 1 year ago

Super soft & cozy.

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Not Gift Wrapped and Paid For It

Eli . 1 year ago

Don't waste your time or money paying for this to be gift wrapped - they just ship it in a conspicuous random box.

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Dawson Faux Fur Throw

Catherine . 1 year ago

My son-in-law has owned the brown throw for several years and it's my 2 year old grandsons favorite blanket. It has held up very well and stayed soft. So soft that I purchased the light tan throw a few months ago. It is so lovely. My grandson loves my new blanket also. UGG released a gray throw this spring. It was delivered last week. My 10 year old grandson tells me that he really really wants a grey one like mine. He has determined that it is softer, warmer and lighter than any faux fur blanket owned by the family. He'll earn the money to buy it by the end of July . It's definitely worth it

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Soft, not exactly gray though

Mhill . 1 year ago

This is a really soft blanket but it’s got more of a baby blue hue to it rather than light gray as it was pictured.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 119 reviews