Squared Away™ Plastic Egg Bin

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Loved it so I’m buying more!

Kristiana . 10 months ago

Really nice sturdy container. We have our own flock of chickens so we don’t have cardboard containers. Love that it comes with a dry erase marker so I can put the date on it!

Not the worst, but would not buy again

led97 . 11 months ago

It is sturdy plastic and protects from other items hitting the eggs, but honestly, realized it took up more room than the original egg carton. If you have a small fridge and are short on space - I would suggest sticking with the carton and saving your money.

Great item

M Brown . 11 months ago

I bought this over a month ago and I love it it's easy to tell when I'm almost out of eggs

A little large

Kdg6789 . 11 months ago

I was excited to buy this on-line for my refrigerator, but unfortunately it was too big for the spot where our eggs go so had to return it.

Like the clear container, fits nicely.

eggy14 . 11 months ago

I like the clear container option to see the number of eggs, looks good.


EG . 11 months ago

So happy with this item! It is a hard pastic shell for storing eggs. I love that it’s washable and reusable too. Works very well and is crush proof!!

Love it so much - went back for another!

Skjenkins . 11 months ago

Not only does the devise work for holding eggs well, it’s also sturdy and looks “clean” in my fridge. Much better than the styrofoam from the grocery-store bin, where eggs can get easily crushed.


Nice . 11 months ago

Nice item , appears to be made well also looks great in fridge.

Good Quality

Snuggis . 11 months ago

I bought this egg holder for its appearance. Unfortunately, it was too large for my fridge door shelf (I should have measured!). Otherwise, I am perfectly happy with the egg bin.

Great quality, looks nice in the fridge

Beth . 11 months ago

This is great quality and keeps eggs fresh and safe in the fridge. The lip around the top makes it easy to stack things on top. Looks nice and clean in the fridge and makes it easy to see how many eggs are left before going to the grocery store!

pretty organization

ah . 11 months ago

We purchase our eggs from the store in 12 or 18-count cartons, so the 14 count bin kind of threw me off. That's my only complaint, though. It is pretty and functional. I can immediately see how many eggs we have left, and the container is easy to use.

Love this product!

Mary84 . 11 months ago

Love this product. I have gotten so many compliments whenever guests see this product in my fridge. It keeps everything nice and organized. Very happy with my purchase.

Great egg holder

Deb . 11 months ago

This is such a nice egg container. It’s thick and sturdy, and you are able to stack on top of the eggs and they don’t break! I wound up buying two!

Great container for eggs!

BBBLover . 12 months ago

It's really useful! I buy a lot of eggs and sometimes I lose track of when I bought them, so having a container with a marker where I can mark the date is definitely helping! It also just looks much better in the fridge aesthetically! Instead of those cardboard containers or Styrofoam containers.


Will be really useful!

BBBLover . 12 months ago

It's really cute! I buy a lot of eggs and sometimes I lose track of when I bought which dozen, so having a container with a marker where I can mark the date will definitely help! It also just looks much better in the fridge aesthetically! Instead of those ugly cardboard containers.


Great Aesthetic & Functionality

Becktole . 12 months ago

I'm loving the aesthetic of this egg bin! It fits in so well with any decor and is made of an extremely sturdy plastic. I particularly like the clear design and the lines on the top of the container, which gives it a modern elegance. I also appreciate the erasable marker that comes with it, so you can right the best by date of your eggs on the bin. Great find!


Goes with my refrigerator organization.

Felicia . 12 months ago

Love it

14 egg is convenient.

virginia . 12 months ago

Having 14 egg places in the Plastic Egg Bin is helpful because I can buy the new dozen before I am completely out and still fit them all in one bin.

Space saver!!

iasia . 12 months ago

Always wanted to invest in one of these!! I love with roommates and we have 4 cartons of eggs and sometimes we shop at the same places so it’s nice that mine looks different but it’s also in a safe container especially when our fridge is so full and we are shoving stuff everywhere.

Convenient, reusable egg carton

Anonymous Reviewer . 12 months ago

If you are looking for a large reusable egg carton, then this will work for you. It is larger than your standard dozen egg carton but it fit in my fridge just fine. This would be great if you have chickens and get your own eggs. As added bonus is there is a place on top where you can write the date in erasable marker. It is annoying that this is for 14 eggs because I only ever buy a dozen, but it is still a good product. Sturdy and not flimsy. The top does not snap so you can't tip it over like a regular egg carton.

Showing 1 - 20 out of 25 reviews