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Pyrex® Prepware 2-Cup Glass Measuring Cup

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Most Helpful Positive Review

A measuring cup

Ivyshade.6 years ago

Who knew I'd be writing a review about a darn MEASURING CUP! I mean a measuring cup is a measuring cup, or so I thought! Pyrex makes the best quality glass measuring cups. I used to just use whatever old plastic ones I had and not care but I got three of these in three different sizes and I'm so glad I did! Not only are they so darn durable for glass but they are more pleasing to the eyes. I can also read the measurements a whole lot better! Throw the old plastic cups away and treat yourself to a set of these! You'll love them! They feel so expensive but they are not.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Markings Fa

undefined.6 years ago
Not Recommended

I agree with an earlier review. I purchased a 2 cup glass Pyrex measuring cup 6 months ago and use it 2-3 times per week. The markings are almost all faded off making it useless. Pyrex used to make long lasting quality products (I have a 1 cup glass measuring cup that is over 25 years old and still has all of its markings). Apparently this is no longer the case. So disappointing and frustrating.

customer reviews

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markings came off in dishwasher

awak . 3 weeks ago

Lasted 5 months then markings completely washed off. The other Pyrex measuring cups that we’ve had for years are still fine.

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Takes the heat

Stu J . 3 weeks ago

Nothing better than a Pyrex measuring cup. Stands up to heat and lasts (unless you drop it). I have a 1 cup, 2 cup, and a 4 cup measuring cup. Such great Pyrex cups have given me years of use.

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Love the durability of quality of Pyrex.

Genita . 1 month ago

Pyrex is always a brand I reach for. The durability and quality of tools are a real must in my kitchen.

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Pyrex 1-cup glass measuring cup

STLgal . 1 month ago

I gave it away -- not what I was looking for. I wanted the old version of the Pyrex 1-cup measuring glass cup. The handle on this new version is too short and the cup is too big!

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The best one yet!

DMoss . 1 month ago

I am right-handed and this is the first time that the measurements in American are facing me.

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Best price!

BB&B Customer . 2 months ago

I looked around and this was the best price I found for a real pyrex measuring cup.

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It’s ok

Maria . 2 months ago

I have been wanting to buy this for a while and the cup size is great but the pouring part is not friendly at all. It should be wider and sometimes get messy.

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Thick and sturdy

Sara . 3 months ago

Highly recommend. Very thick and and good quality.

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Pour spout that can't pour slowly

Btown Res . 3 months ago

I purchased this measuring cup for two things: to measure liquids and to carefully pour those liquids into my dishes. This product does one of those two things well. The first recipe I tried to make requires one to measure the broth and add it slowly into the dish. The spout on this cup is incapable of slowly pouring water. Instead, it dribbles down the front of the cup and onto the counter/stove/floor. I've only had it for a month, so I can't speak to the longevity of the markings. I bought this one to replace my old Anchor Hawking measuring cup that was no longer legible. Does anyone make embossed measuring cups anymore?

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You can't go wrong with Pyrex

Sheryl . 3 months ago

I already have a 2 cup Pyrex measuring cup but at times only need a smaller portion. I ordered the 1 cup and know I will have this cup for many years as I have had my other one. You can never go wrong with a Pyrex cup. It is very durable, the measurements on the side last for years, you can put it into the microwave and heat something up or melt butter. The list goes on with it's durability and strength.

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Oldie but goodie

Evanna K . 3 months ago

Great quality, arrived quickly, and super glass-safe packaging!!

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Big glass measuring cup

Cathie . 3 months ago

Big 4 cup glass measuring cup. Has handle and clear measurement markings on both sides. I needed a new one.

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Pyrex glass measuring cup

paula . 3 months ago

It's a basic glass measuring cup. The markings are nice and easy to read. The glass is thick and substantial.

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Used to be a better product

MarkS . 3 months ago

I remember when the painted markings on Pyrex measuring cups did not fade over time. Now it is like planned obsolescence and they need to be replaced every couple of years. A measuring cup is useless if the measurement markings wash away...

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Heavy product

Lady101 . 3 months ago

It’s fine, just a little heavier than I expected. Especially when filled.

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Markings rubbed off within a month

Emily . 4 months ago

Well a measuring cup where you can't read the measurements isn't much use at all. I bought this to replace an identical Pyrex measuring cup that I've had for years that got chipped. Within a month, going in the top rack of the dishwasher only a few times, the markings became nearly unreadable. I do put it in the microwave regularly to make a water bath for baby bottles but that seems like pretty standard use. My mom has a Pyrex measuring cup that is literally decades old and looks well loved but the markings are still very legible. I see I'm not the only one with this complaint.

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Karen . 4 months ago

Since my very old 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup had apparently been through way-too-many dishwasher cycles, the markings were nearly illegible and I finally decided to get a replacement. This new one is such a relief to use!

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S Says . 4 months ago

Pyrex has a reputation of being durable. Their products are things you get at your wedding and don't have to replace for decades or ever. Well, I bought this measuring cup and have used it maybe 4 times and it has already broken. Their manufacturing has doubtless shipped overseas with the pricing and quality as low as it is. And their "limited warranty" doesn't cover the break. They are literally ruining their own name.

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Don't buy

wb71 . 4 months ago

Got this in June and already the markings on the side of the measuring cup are unreadable. It is now useless,

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A variety of ways to use the measuring cup .

Hey hun . 4 months ago

I use this size a lot when cooking and baking. Another way is to heat the Maple Syrup in the microwave for pancakes and waffles ! Yummy!

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 953 reviews