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Nestwell™ Down Alternative Density Medium Support King Bed Pillow

108 Reviews

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108 reviews ·120 ratings


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Most Helpful Positive Review


Angie.2 years ago

Okay so I had to write a review on this pillow. I have been on the search for a comfortable pillow for the past five years… I’ve purchased $150, $99, $50 and $30 dollar pillows! A couple of them were good the first night then just failed after that and I was constantly waking up very tired and with severe neck and back pain and also painful migraines triggered by the neck pain and lack of solid sleep. So I was scrolling the site and came upon this pillow and the reviews were very promising however I was very skeptical due to the price. I was made to believe a good pillow should cost over thirty dollars. Well…. I decided to just go for it coz I mean if it didn’t work, I was only losing about 15 bucks! Guys, I slept very soundly for 8 straight hours for the first time in over five years and did not once wake up to flip my pillow or adjust it!!!! I woke up so confused coz I’ve never slept more than two hours at a time for years now, I was absolutely shocked!! The pillow held shape, stayed absolutely cool and cradled my head but at the same time provided amazing support for my neck which is absolutely important to me coz I’m a side sleeper. It’s firm and supportive yet soft if that makes sense, so it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping on a slab of concrete. I highly recommend this pillow and I’m about to purchase a few more for my family.

Most Helpful Critical Review

Nice prop pillow

REBECCA.2 years ago
Not Recommended

I bought this with the intention of using it as my main pillow. Unfortunately it is much too thick. The support is nice but while lying on my side it places my head at a very uncomfortable upward angle. That said, it’s a great prop pillow when I’m sitting up reading before bed.

customer reviews

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Maria . 3 days ago

They are so comfortable. I have a good night rest each time.

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BB&B Customer . 6 days ago

It looks like no bobbin thread attaching the side of the pillow together, just loopy thread along the side.

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Great Pillows

Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 week ago

My husband loved them

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Maria . 1 month ago

Bought these pillows for my grandson and he loves them.

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Lynn . 1 month ago

These are the BEST. So comfy and not bouncy.... I like my pillows cuddly with just a little support.

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BB&B Customer . 2 months ago

These pillows went flat within 3 months after what I paid for them it is ridicoulous. I went to Ross and brought some from Calvin Klein. Soft product better quaility pillows. Waste of money for a cheap quality membership.

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Too Flat. No cushion

Nathaniel . 2 months ago

Med support is actually non existent support. These pillows that replaced the old great pillows are awful.

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It's a pillow and it's pretty good

BB&B Customer . 2 months ago

I've tried many expensive pillows but never had any luck, so I thought I'd try the opposite and get the cheapest pillow I could find on BBB. Today I woke up with no neck and shoulder pain for the first time in a while, so thank you cheap down-alternative pillow, you saved my life.

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Not a fan

Sarah . 3 months ago

Went flat super fast does not fluff back up, not worth the money at all

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PhillipE . 3 months ago

these seem to be luxury hotel quality! just what I need and see at my casino hotel Delivery was at the speed of light

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Not worth the Money

Ranae . 3 months ago

Pillows will need to be replaced quickly! The deflate quickly. Not worth the money.

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Mary . 3 months ago

Not as good as the Wamsutta pillows you carried a couple of years ago.

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Nice and firm!

Susan . 4 months ago

This is a good-quality firm pillow, and excellent value. I'm using it with a sham to give fullness and support.

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Flat within a couple of weeks

pebbles . 6 months ago

I suggest you spend the extra money for a better pillow. This purchase was a waste of money

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Soft and mushy

BevS . 7 months ago

The Wamsutta pillows I used to buy at BB&B were nice and firm, this Nestwell pillow is too soft and mushy even though I bought the firm version. I will not buy again.

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Exactly what I wanted

Susan . 8 months ago

Great support for sleeping on my back or sides. Comfortable either way.

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Received in Great Shape

Robyn . 9 months ago

These pillows are perfect

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Jackie . 9 months ago

They were not as described. Horrible. Dry stiff.

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very comfortable pillow

Valaurie . 9 months ago

just the right amount of head support and comfort

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Don’t buy it

Samta . 9 months ago

I have been using this pillow for a month. Actually i had neck pain and because of that I was looking for a comfortable pillow. And after looking on the reviews for this pillow. I bought it. But after a month a s severe pain started in my neck, as this pillow is hard and high than the usual pillows. Consequently, i would not recommend anybody to follow such fake reviews.

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Showing 1 - 20 out of 108 reviews