Luigi Bormioli Crescendo SON.hyx® Bordeaux Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

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    Great quality for a good price!

    RobertNYC . 1 year ago

    These glasses are great. Good shape, easy to go into the dishwasher and strong so no big concerns of breakage (like Reidel glasses)

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    Love these wine glasses

    MBK . 1 year ago

    We love the size of these glasses. They are perfect for a large glass of red wine. They are elegant and durable.

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    Perfect wine glasses

    Elica . 2 years ago

    Light to the touch but very strong.

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    Shopping in store

    Chris’s shopper . 2 years ago

    This was a great product. Also I very much like shopping in store, much better than on line. I like to look and touch and check things out rather than ship back and forth when something it not right.

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    Very good

    David . 2 years ago

    They are good but not all 4 look the same because there is visible difference in the visual thickness of the bottom of the glass fro when you’re looking at it from the side. They are a bit large and thin so cleaning takes getting used to it but nothing too complicated. Other than that they are very generous in volume and comfortable to the touch. Go for it.

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    BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

    What’s not to like for nice stemmed wine glasses that’s what I wanted when I went into the store and that’s what I purchased

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    BB&B Customer . 2 years ago

    Very nice

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    Overall very nice but a few downsides

    Leah . 2 years ago

    I am writing this review after purchasing a 3rd set of these wine glasses. We received 2 sets from our wedding registry and have had those for nearly 3 years now. Overall I really like these glasses. The shape is perfect and classic, and they are LARGE :) They feel high quality without feeling like you could break it by grasping it too hard. They are not unbreakable - we had one break by being knocked off a counter. First downside: these can only be purchased in a set of 4. I wanted to buy 1 new glass to replace the broken glass but unfortunately I cannot find them except in a set of 4. The only other downside is that one of the original glasses has an annoying scuff/scratch mark on the side of the glass that looks like it was damaged in shipping. It cannot be buffed out. It's not very noticeable but I don't like to give that glass to guests. Perhaps if we had noticed it sooner we could have exchanged it for another set but we did not notice it until it was too late. All in all, I do recommend these wine glasses for anyone who is looking for large, good quality wine glasses with a timeless shape.

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    Vine glass

    Emma . 2 years ago

    Stylish, gave to as a gift. My friend love it.

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    Best wine glasses for the price

    Valerie . 2 years ago

    I absolutely LOVE these wine glasses. I've been purchasing them for years and they are my go-to daily glasses.

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    Wine glasses

    Patrice . 2 years ago

    Love my glasses. For what I paid for them it was all worth it.

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    Very nice

    Diane . 3 years ago

    Too expensive for my taste. I like to hand out glasses and not worry about breakage and replacement; however, the bride loved them!

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    Beth W. . 3 years ago

    This glass is beautiful, and adds to the experience of drinking a great bottle of wine

    Good value,

    Cathryn . 3 years ago

    Very nice glasses and I like that they are “break resistant”

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    Perfect size

    Tbryant . 3 years ago

    I love my wine glass. It’s perfect.

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    Beautiful Wine Glassware

    Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 3 years ago

    Quality glassware at an affordable price!

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    Please Don't Take Away Our Stores!

    Nancy H . 3 years ago

    Bought these glasses in time for a family Christmas Eve dinner. Have purchased this brand before, upgraded to more specific wine types. Very happy with the quality and price. I like to see products like these up close, not just online. That's why we need brick & mortar stores.

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    monogrammed wine glasses

    John W. . 3 years ago

    very happy with the glasses we just received. Like the monogramming and the weight of the glass is much better than previous glasses we have purchased

    Engraved Wine Glass

    John S. . 3 years ago

    I have ordered from the last two years for Christmas gifts. Each time they left my wife in tears she was touched so deeply by how personal it really was! Thank you I?ll be back for more ....


    Misty T. . 3 years ago

    Beautiful glasses with gorgeous etching

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