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KitchenAid® Mixer Artisan® Tilt-Head Stand 5 qt. Mixer in Ice

38415 Reviews

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38,415 reviews ·38,902 ratings


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Ease of Use

Most Helpful Positive Review

Lives up to reputation, with one caution!

1bkgfool.7 years ago

Although I've only just started using my new KitchenAid Artisan mixer, I am happy with its performance thus far and that's why I cannot give it a 5 star rating with so little use. However, I hope to bump it up to a 5 star with continued use.. ONE CAUTION!! Having read several reviews that listed the issue with the polish/finish on the stainless steel bowl, I went ahead and cleaned it with the recommended paste comprised of lemon juice, baking soda and salt before using. Unfortunately, my cake batter also came out with black streaks in it. My hubby (who knows about these things) suggested I clean the bowl with acetone or methyl ethyl ketone, followed by a thorough washing with hot soapy water. I did and this time, the cake batter came out clean. So do yourself a favor...be proactive to save yourself some undue stress and clean your new stainless steel bowl with acetone (that's what I used) before your first use and you'll be a happy camper!

Most Helpful Critical Review

So far, so disappointed

Meghan.7 years ago
Not Recommended

Was so excited to replace my 11 year old Ultra Power with the Artisan. After using it the first time I am so disappointed. Washed everything by hand with hot soapy water and then went to make my son's birthday cake. Cake seemed to go ok, but when making the frosting the motor head was very loud and bumping around even just creaming the sugar and cream cheese, checked and yes it was locked in position. Added powdered sugar and got much worse only to become completely impossible when I turned it off and went to scrape the sides - my vanilla frosting had metallic streaks in it! Had to toss the frosting, go back to the grocery and start from scratch with my old mixer which had not been given away yet. Talked to KA customer service today and was told I need to spend some time making multiple motor and head adjustments and clean the bowl several times with lemon juice. And yes, good idea to test the bowl before doing anything important again. Seriously. Would not recommend this product at all.

customer reviews

Showing 1 - 20 out of 38415 reviews

great product

Rui . 3 days ago

great product

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

perfect gift !

Andrea . 3 days ago

I got this as a gift for my moms kitchen and is very practical and helpful to do everyday things !

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com


Margaret . 5 days ago

Purchased to replace 25 year old model. Works exactly as expected - perfectly. Hopefully, it will also last 25 years. Received same day delivery - fantastic customer service.

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Makes everything so easy

BB&B Customer . 2 weeks ago

Used the machine for making bread. It's great! This machine will knead the bread for 15 minutes which helps to make it rise a lot better when cooking. Also used it to make pies and pizza dough. This thing is so awesome!!!

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Worth its weight in Gold!

Sydney F. . 2 weeks ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been waiting a long time to have one of this my own and I'm glad it didn't disappoint. It made all my baking recipes way so easy. Kitchen aid mixer really live up to its reputation.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com.au

Worked great but broke much faster than expected

gothyscientist . 2 weeks ago

These are supposed to be very durable, but my two-year-old mixer has started making terrible grinding noises and dramatically overheating - it's clearly about to die. I'm not even a heavy user - bread dough maybe twice a month and occasional egg whites or whipped cream. I would not have paid this much money for a premium stand mixer if I had known it would only last 2 years.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Great mixer!

Allie2 . 2 weeks ago

I always wanted a mixer like this. My mom had one.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Durable and dependable

NMcako . 2 weeks ago

I have had this mixer for 4 years. Love it. Lots of versatility. Easy to use. Durable. Still looks great and it's been busy.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Love it!

SAKUETER . 2 weeks ago

Great mixer...saves my wrists from using a hand mixer

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Love this mixer, and the attachments

Pete67 . 3 weeks ago

Have kitchen aid dishwasher, refrigerator, cook top, and oven all are great!!

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Love Love Love

Bunny . 3 weeks ago

I have waited a long time for a Kitchenaid and finally have one. It is the best. You can’t go wrong with a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer!

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Defective Item-had to return

Rrezi . 3 weeks ago

I was so excited to add this on my kitchen countertop and was looking forward to cooking with it. First time I turned it on, worked like a charm, however it took several attempts to turn the machine on few days later on the 2nd time I used it. The 3rd time did not start at all. Kept checking YouTube videos to make sure I was following the right steps, and changed to a different power outlet but wasn't able to get it start. Unfortunately I had to turn the machine back to the store.

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

An Icon

Nicole . 3 weeks ago

Kitchen Aid Mixers are legendary. I love this color of red. It’s a gift for my daughter so remains to be reviewed fully. But I know she will love it. I got an extraordinary price from BB&B with sale and a coupon.

LogoOriginally posted on bedbathbeyond.com

Best in Class Mixer

Haseeb . 3 weeks ago

(This review was collected as part of a promotion.) Best in Class Mixer. Does everything slightly better then anything else!

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Why did I wait so long?

Cupcake Lizzie . 3 weeks ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product meets all expectations. I wish I had bought one years ago. It is reliable, quiet, heavy enough so as not to move across the kitchen top while working, sturdy and sleek.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com.au

Product review

Mayazar . 3 weeks ago

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought one last Christmas for my daughter, she loved it so I am buying one for my niece

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com.au

A workhorse!

Marlad . 3 weeks ago

I have been using Kitchenaid as long as I can remember for baking and other things! Love my mixer.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Excellent Quality Mixer

MK1Baxter . 3 weeks ago

The quality of the KitchenAid mixer is 2nd to none & looks great in the kitchen. It's an item that will last at least 1 lifetime & possibly more. We've had ours four years, yet only used it once as we do little baking, but, we know it's there when needed.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Excellent product

Tex93 . 3 weeks ago

i have owned it four years and love it. I ise it for all my baking needs and among other things. Easy cleanup and durability

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Lifetime Appliance

Kath13 . 3 weeks ago

Upon recommendation of Ina Garten, Barefoot Contessa, I purchased my mixer some years ago. It is used weekly and I am very satisfied.

LogoOriginally posted on kitchenaid.com

Showing 1 - 20 out of 38415 reviews