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    would be perfect if I could disable the camera..

    Lyth . 1 year ago

    The device is awesome, i love having my cookbook on it, the kids can watch movies in the kitchen and the speakers make for much better sound when listening to music.. The only downside IMO, is that I cant totally disable the camera. I dont want or need a camera in my kitchen. I dont have it setup but there is still an option in my nest hub to enable it below my doorbell camera and its annoying. I would give this product 5 stars if I could totally remove it from my google ecosystem or prevent someone from activating it.

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    Nest Hub Max

    RussP . 1 year ago

    I like the google nest hub max, i keep it in the kitchen, music, recipes, news, weather at your finger tips, convienient, need more time to get more out of it.

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    Nest hub max

    Billie . 1 year ago

    So far I can’t get it to link with my Alexa, Nest camera, Nest thermostat, music or anything. Can’t figure it out, no instructions so good for kitchen timer and recipes. Very disappointed

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    gjarvis . 1 year ago

    It's is just ok , it should stream my live TV but it doesn't. So just ok.

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    Frank Yau . 1 year ago

    Excellent display window size and clarity.Our family love it.

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    Hub Max

    Steve . 1 year ago

    Bought it to replace a smart speaker. Sounds way better than I thought it would!! And way more powerful as far as the apps and casting etc then I thought. So, much more useful than I even bought it for :)

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    Navid . 1 year ago

    It is necessary to have physical shutter to blind the camera.

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    Very useful device, great features.

    Alan . 1 year ago

    I am really enjoying the functionality of the Nest Hub Max... my only issue is it doesn't work well with other family members. We have never had any issues with my wife adding things to the grocery list on our other Google Home and Google Home Mini devices, but the Nest Hub Max will not do what she asks. She thinks the device is in love with me and jealous of her... obviously not the case. Hopefully Google fixes the problem soon.

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    good, but could be better

    nerds4hire . 1 year ago

    I bought the hub max for 3 reasons. 1. its price2. its display size3. its ability to do video can control my google home devices. So it basically fulfils my requirements, but it falls short on security, meaning anyone can control it, and thus control my entire home, even my 5 and 3 year old kids. A pin, or true voice/face recognition would be best. it also falls short on accessing all its features. I could ask it to do a search using my voice, but using the touch interface to open a web browser is tedious, and not intuitive.

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    Great central hub for home automation

    RuJo . 1 year ago

    With the built in nest cam, this is a one-stop display for starting your day or getting information, etc. It is a must have if you want to pursue Google as your home automation solution.

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    Great for video chat

    Maxtax . 1 year ago

    Plus google is good to have around for asking questions and for cooking recipes the screen is big a clean

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    Kitchen buddy

    kitchen . 1 year ago

    Love the larger screen. Great sound. Keeps everyone in the kitchen entertained and informed. I love that it recognizes me but the gesture feature doesn't work so well as it may turn off when I don't intend it to. Love that I can see who's at the door through the Google doorbell. Still more to learn about its features.

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    Worth it

    Jimbeam42 . 1 year ago

    Worth it just for displaying the photos, everything else is a bonus

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    Definitely recommend

    Living room display . 1 year ago

    I am still trying to figure out how and what I can do with it. But so far I really like it and would recommend 100%

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    Google Nest Hub

    Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 1 year ago

    Highly recommend. Very nice unit that was easy to set up and integrate into my google network. Love the fact it will continually show my family photos. Voice activation is a really useful function that can be used to activate google assisted devices.

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    It works very well.

    AllanG . 1 year ago

    I finally got this after years of waiting to see if Google was bringing out a newer MATTER model. During black Friday week to replace the original Google home.I hope Google does not come out with a newer model anytime soon....or I'm gonna be real displeased.It seems to work a lot better than the old home model. It was easy to connect. Real plug and play. Love the ability to turn the camera and the Mike off. The display art is marvelous. I have heard people comment positively on the speaker play back quality. I do not concur. To me it sounds listless. But then again I didn't purchase this for music pay back.I haven't tried the video calling feature as yet. Most of my peeps do not have the ability to do so.But as a smart home's bloody fantastic. The ability to bring things up on the screen and make changes or see the it it.....Iove it.... next up Nest battery door bell.

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    Google Nest Hub

    Thomas . 1 year ago

    Very good device and I am impressed with it so far. Picture quality is excellent.

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    Nest hub

    Scarlet . 1 year ago

    I truly enjoy my nest hub and all that it can do especially watching all my photos go by.

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    Nest Hub Max

    Glasgow . 1 year ago

    The screen is larger 10" vs 7" the google hub; thus more viewable estate. I like bigger speaker. The sound is clear and deep. The only thing that I don't see it work is that the camera should follow when you are moving on video call. I used duo at that time. Overall very good device.

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    Could be better

    Shane . 1 year ago

    Crashed on me a few times already. Froze on me had to unplug.

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