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Google Nest Hub Max

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153 reviews ·153 ratings


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    customer reviews

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    Lots of entertainment

    Yorko . 10 months ago

    Good experience and a lot of entertainment I can integrate many day-to-day activities.

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    Great for Duo Calls

    Basement Display . 10 months ago

    Great device for our Duo calls and streaming our Google photo's. It works as described and with all Google devices very easy to setup.

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    Nest Hub Max Review

    Bobbyv . 11 months ago

    My wife and I are pleased with the Hub Max for most of its functionality (Netflix, Spotify, Weather, Home automation (using Google Home), Duo, etc). The only thing missing on the unit is access to Amazon Prime Video which my wife wanted. Otherwise, the unit is great for connecting with family (using Duo), watching videos. We keep this unit in our kitchen and is great for following recipes also.

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    Nest Hub Max

    Gary . 11 months ago

    Quality smart display. Good sound. Nest camera works well.

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    Bex H . 11 months ago

    Still struggling with the setup process and integrating it with my other Google products.

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    Information on operation

    Starkes family . 11 months ago

    Wish there was more information on the operation of the hud.. still not sure what it can do and can’t do..And how to work it with my iPhone . Would not recommend it to anyone else yet because still not sure how to work it myself

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    Google Hub

    AFimanurse . 11 months ago

    Took a bit to get it set up. Glad my sons are tech savvy. Love it now. Like having an old friend around who knows what you like.

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    My google nest max

    Google nest max . 11 months ago

    Like very much. Love display.We use with duo, like the size.Would give 5 stars but always room for improvement

    LogoOriginally posted on Google LLC

    Voice command

    Prakash . 11 months ago

    Very poor voice command functionality .. drive me nuts when I ask google to do some thing ..

    LogoOriginally posted on Google LLC

    Love it!

    Debbie . 11 months ago

    I previously used the other Google Assistant that has no visual…..loved it as well……great sound too! My son now has it in his room. Did some research and read that the Google Nest Max had even better sound, and it does, which is awesome! Also, I’ve chosen that my photos be displayed on the screen…’s like owning one of those digital photo frames that can be quite costly. There’s so much more to this product….obviously I’m very happy with it!

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    A great addition to the livingroom

    DWaddling . 11 months ago

    I'd put the Nest hub in our living room a few months ago and at Xmas got a hub max. It's a much better fit for the size of room with better sound and screen. It's so nice to have our photos displayed in the room and the functionality is wonderful.

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    Nest Hub Max

    GeoB . 11 months ago

    Nice product and very functional for everyday use.

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    Product is good

    Amit . 11 months ago

    The sound quality is awesome, the review of this product I found that it has 4 main features 1. Mini home theater. 2. Room camera. 3. Alarm reminder and google stuff, and 4. The Youtube video streaming. If you have extra money to spend on all these activities in one single device you are most welcome to buy this product. I would like to mention here that you can not get HD or above video quality on this device, only wallpapers have the better quality.

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    Nest Hub Max

    Kitchen Display . 11 months ago

    We are really impressed with this screen and its functions. Sometimes it misses vocal cues and our other next audio speakers have to pick up the slack. Overall its a great device for us.

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    Great display for picture or casting media

    Marc . 11 months ago

    I like the product very much, but I would like to see an update to allow to use as a tablet, at least for app made by Google, like youtube, to get more freedom when only using the product itself !

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    No. 1 Kitchen/Home Companion!

    Dina . 11 months ago

    I’m still learning about the many, many things my Hub Max is capable of, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the wonderful addition it is in my daily life. I love calling up recipes, watching favourite Netflix shows while washing dishes, being told how long it will take me to get to work simply because it saw my face and knows my morning routines. What a smart tech ‘pal’!

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    Great, but not perfect

    John A . 11 months ago

    This is a great device with a lot of capabilities, but falls short in some key areas. Pros- great screen size - volume for video calls and music is great- ease of use is simple- device linking is a breeze with other google and nongoogle devicesCons- camera is stationary. Unless you are at the same level or above you’ll miss out on anything else around. Would’ve been better to having a self adjusting camera like the Portal- angle of the screen limits it’s placement. Again you have to have it placed lower that you to maximize its use. For people who want to use it for video calls especially with small children you will have to constantly move it up and down so they aren’t playing with it while not in useOther than the couple cons I would recommend this device if you have a google network and use voice commands or need more hands free abilities.

    LogoOriginally posted on Google LLC

    They removed the functionality I purchased it for.

    Bed Bath and Beyond Customer . 11 months ago

    What was once a great product is a now a near useless shell of its former self. The main reason I purchased the nest hub max was to act as a media hub I could control with my voice, casting media to other devices. While it performed flawlessly for almost a year they have now removed the ability to cast almost anything to other devices... even other google devices. The change is obviously an attempt to force you into the paid version of things like youtube music but it makes absolutely no sense with things like netflix. The screen is too small to actually watch videos on and the speakers have terrible base. Removing functionality you paid for should be illegal and I will be looking at moving away form the google ecosystem in the future.

    LogoOriginally posted on Google LLC

    Best device in its class‼️

    DrIp . 11 months ago

    I highly recommend it. It keeps me updated on the news, weather and family. Best in it’s class of devices.

    LogoOriginally posted on Google LLC

    Nest Hub Max

    Grannum’s . 11 months ago

    Very happy to upgrade to the nest hub max, excellent!

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    Showing 1 - 20 out of 153 reviews