Buying Guide to Showerheads


6 Things to Know Before You Buy

The quality of your showering experience has everything to do with your showerhead. If you've ever attempted to rinse off under a dribble or choked from a Niagara Falls gush, you know what we're talking about.

Make the most of your next showering experience by checking out our guide to showerheads, and find the one that will make you happiest:

Fact #1: Types

*Fixed showerheads are attached to the shower wall and are permanent. Many can be adjusted according to the height of the bather, but that's the extent of their flexibility.

*Hand-held showerheads are removable. Generally attached to flexible tubing, they can be easily moved around and used to spray wherever you want in the shower. Such showerheads are often housed in a wall-mounted cradle, which makes it possible to also use them as fixed showerheads.

*Rain showerheads simulate a rainstorm. Such fixtures are round and larger than standard showerheads. The cascade of water they release tends to be gentle.

*Shower systems generally consist of a variety of showerhead products to create a spa-like experience. For instance, such a system might include a rain showerhead, various hand showers and misters.

Fact #2: Spray Patterns

Standard showerheads are adjustable and feature a wide range of spray patterns, such as a full-body spray, which is usually preferred for general showering, a concentrated power spray for rinsing and a refreshing mist setting. Massaging showerheads are designed so that they release pulsating streams of water that relieve muscle tension. Such showerheads usually have several settings of various intensities.

Fact #3: Water Saving Showerheads

You can help conserve a natural resource by looking for a system that features a low-flow, and uses much less water than standard models. Water saving showerheads also save you money on your water and electricity/gas bills, as they limit the amount of water used and heated.

Fact #4: Low Water Pressure Showerheads

If you live in a home with low water pressure, not all showerheads will deliver satisfactory results. Look for a showerhead specifically designed for low water pressure. Such a model uses less water but still provides a pleasant showering experience. Many showerheads also have adjustments that allow you to change to a stronger flow when necessary.

Fact #5: Materials/Finishes

Showerheads are made from several materials and feature various finishes. Chrome is silver in color, cleans up well and is economical. Nickel is silvery-white, durable and also easy to clean. Brass is a gold color and tends to be long-lasting, and stainless steel doesn't show water spots. Bronze is a brown color and is durable and scratch-resistant. There are also baked-on enamel or epoxy finishes that come in a variety of colors.

Fact #6: Filter Systems

Some showerhead models feature a replaceable filter system that removes irritating and drying elements in the water such as chlorine. You can also find filters that attach to your existing showerhead.

Now that you know all about the various showerheads on the market, you can choose the right model for creating an ultimate showering experience.