Buying Guide to Shower Curtain Liners


Buying Guide to Shower Curtain Liners

7 Things to Know Before You Buy

Don't let your shower curtain liner be an after thought. Although this accessory isn't going to be the star of your bath decor, the right liner could mean the difference between a moldy, wet shower curtain you have to toss too soon and one that lasts for the long haul. Keep these must know facts in mind when choosing a liner.

Fact #1: Liners come in different sizes

Just like your shower curtain, you'll find liners in a small variety of sizes. The average shower curtain liner runs 70" by 72". Extra long liners typically run 70" by 84" or 72" by 84". Extra wide liners can run 144" by 72". There are also liners designed to fit shower stalls at 54" by 78".

Fact #2: Liners come in different materials

While you may be a die-hard devotee to the classic vinyl liner, it's important to know that you can find versions in fabrics like nylon and polyester as well. The difference? Vinyl liners look cheaper than their fabric counterparts. On the upside though, they do have a habit of sticking to the side of the tub, which means there's less of a chance that you'll end up with a puddle on the floor or a wet shower curtain. Vinyl is also a cinch to clean -- just wipe it down with a sponge or cloth.

Although fabric liners win in the beauty department, they're usually machine wash only. An even bigger downside to this material is that its natural lack of suction and lighter weight means it has a tendency to blow out and away from the tub, leaving the floor and your shower curtain susceptible to getting wet.

Fact #3: Magnets and suction cups mean less water damage

It doesn't take a genius to deduce that shower curtain liners with hems weighted by magnets have a much better chance of staying in place than those without. If you really want to protect your floor, look for a liner that comes with suction cups that attach the bottom of the liner to your tub.

Fact #4: Grommets prolong a liner's life

Over the course of its existence, your shower curtain liner is destined to be pulled and tugged hundreds of times. Reinforced grommets along the header mean that in the midst of this inevitable wear and tear, the liner won't suddenly rip off of the shower curtain rings.

Fact #5: It's possible to keep bacteria and mildew at bay

Just look for a shower curtain liner that is bacteria and mildew resistant. These qualities are especially important if you live in a particularly humid climate or have a bathroom without good ventilation.

Fact #6: You can color coordinate

Tired of using a clear or white liner? You're in luck. Shower curtain liners come in a variety of colors. Even though, you won't find quite the varied selection as you would with shower curtains, you can definitely indulge in wild shades like purple, teal and lime green.

Fact #7: Liners can double as a shower curtain

Want to keep your bathroom decor super simple? Liners can fly solo and double as a shower curtain. Just don't pick a clear liner -- unless you want to inadvertently give the neighbors a view of your morning scrub down.