Buying Guide to Shavers & Trimmers


Buying Guide to Shavers & Trimmers

5 Things to Know Before You Buy

Whether you desire smooth and clean-shaven or well-clipped, the right grooming equipment makes all the difference. The following shaver and trimmer facts will help you choose the ideal tools for the job.


Crave that cool, clean shave or yore? Electric shavers make getting that baby-face easy. But there are several aspects you need to consider before choosing the electric shaver that is best for you.

Fact #1: Types

There are two main types of electric shavers. Rotary shavers have two or three rotating heads that elevate the hair from the skin before removing it. The best rotary shavers feature pivoting rotors that cause the shaver to cling to the face and neck area, so as to create a clean shave.

Foil shavers feature razor blades situated behind protective foil, which allows for an especially close shave. Such shavers tend to have less surface area, which means it takes a little longer to shave, but if you have sensitive skin, this is the electric shaver for you.

Fact #2: Rechargeable

On the road a lot? You'll appreciate an electric shaver that can work without a power source.

Fact #3: Versatile

Look for shavers that can be used dry or wet, which refers to being able to use the device in the shower. This gives you greater grooming flexibility, allowing you to shave while in the shower. Who doesn't like to multi-task?

Fact #4: Moisturizing

Speaking of multi-tasking, some shavers emit moisturizer, which effectively is like two steps in one! These kinds of shavers not only groom you -- but moisturize your skin as well at the same time.

Fact #5: Cleaning Station

Some shavers feature a cleaning station that ensures your shaving heads remain free of buildup, and this extends their life. Cleaning stations may also leave the razor with a fresh, clean scent.


Many men bemoan the fact that as the hair on their heads thin, the hair everywhere else grows long and lush. To that end, a good trimmer is an essential grooming tool. Trimmers exist to tidy up hairs in the ears, nose and brow, and to cut and shape beards. Find the following trimmers separately, or as part of a grooming kit.

Fact # 1: Beard Trimmers

Cut your hair to whatever length you desire, either through a locking length setting or a series of attachments. Choosing a beard trimmer with several different attachments gives you a variety of styling options and makes it possible to most efficiently trim various areas of the face, such as the chin. Angled attachments are particularly useful for blending areas of the face containing different lengths of hair, such as the cheeks and sideburns.

Fact # 2: Rechargeable vs. Battery

This is a toss-up. A rechargeable electric beard trimmer lets you take it with you on the go, however battery operated trimmers work just as well.

Fact #3: Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmers

These let you manscape all that unwanted hair. Considering the precise nature of the task, choose a trimmer that fits comfortable in your hand and is easy to maneuver.

Fact #4: Cutting Heads

Trimmers typically come with various cutting heads that let you safely cut hairs in sensitive areas (like nostrils or ear canals). Choose a model that has sharp titanium and stainless steel blades to ensure an easy and neat cut.

Fact #5: A Built-in Spotlight

Some models come with a mini spot light to give you a better view of the interior of your nose and ears.

Your manscape is serious business, as your girlfriend, wife or partner will tell you. Get the right tools for the job and make sure that no hair is out of place.