Buying Guide to Quilts & Coverlets


Buying Guide to Quilts & Coverlets

6 Things to Know Before You Buy

If you have one of those floral bedspreads that look like they were snatched from a roadside motel circa 1978 rather than hand-picked for your chic, modern home, it's time you treated yourself to a bedding upgrade! While you peruse the aisles for a new quilt or coverlet, keep these six must know facts in mind.

Fact # 1: A Coverlet Can Be Quilted, but a Quilt Is Not a Coverlet

A bit confusing? Keep this in mind: quilts and coverlets may look similar, but check out their construction and you'll quickly see the differences. A coverlet is a lightweight bedspread that can be quilted or woven. It may or may not have a thin layer of batting as its core. A quilt is constructed from three layers -- two outer woven layers stitched together from a variety of fabrics and an inner layer of batting.

Fact #2: Quilts and Coverlets Aren't as Warm as a Comforter

If you're looking for something to combat cold winter nights, a quilt or a coverlet probably isn't your best bet. Both are known for being lightweight and their thin inner layer of batting isn't warm enough to fend off Old Man Winter's freeze. Snag a down comforter with major insulation and use your quilt or coverlet as a decorative bedding topper.

Fact #3: Quilts Can Double as Throws

The beauty of purchasing a quilt is that it can be used as a piece of bedding and as a throw in the living room. Quilting is also actually regarded as a folk art and hand-stitched quilts can be investments as well as things of use and beauty around your home. Over time, some quilts become family heirlooms.

Fact #4: Quilt and Coverlet Sets Take the Mystery Out of Matching

If you are prefer a polished, coordinated bedding look, a quilt or coverlet set is best. Besides the bed covering, the set will come with matching pillow shams. In some instances a coordinating decorative pillow may also be available.

Fact #5: Quilts Are Reversible, Coverlets Typically Aren't

Quilts are a bit more versatile than coverlets. Reversible quilts provide a simple change up option. Even if you just turn back the quilt, it will add a bit more dimension to your bedding. Even though coverlets usually aren't reversible, there are some versions that deviate from the norm.

Fact #6: Machine Washable Quilts and Coverlets Are Better for Allergy

It is true washing your bedding regularly helps keep dust mites and other allergens at bay. However, trucking your quilt or coverlet to the local dry cleaner consumes time and money. If you're prone to sneezes and sniffles, make maintenance a breeze and buy machine washable bed covers.