Buying Guide to Personal Mirrors


Buying Guide to Personal Mirrors

5 Things to Know Before You Buy

Whether you require a clear view for applying eye shadow or bright light for shaving your face, a quality personal grooming mirror can make such tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Consider the following illuminating facts when choosing a personal grooming mirror.

Fact #1: Lighting

Effective personal grooming mirrors feature bright light that allows you to get a good view of your face. Some models offer varying lighting settings, including daylight, office and evening. These various settings enable you to choose the appropriate lighting for makeup application according to your destination. For instance, if your mirror features natural daylight illumination, which simulates the sun, this is your best choice if you'll be spending time outdoors.

Fact #2: Image View

Personal grooming mirrors feature a true image reflection and a magnified view.

*True image is a lifelike representation of what you actually look like. Such a mirror does not distort or change your image. This type of view allows you to view yourself exactly as you will appear to others, which allows you to spot any inconsistencies in your makeup or stubble missed during shaving.

*Magnification mirrors magnify your face, allowing you to easily detect aspects such as unsuccessfully covered blemishes and unwanted hairs. A magnified view also helps you accurately perform tasks requiring accuracy and precision, such as applying eyeliner.

The magnification strength of your personal grooming mirror will depend on the quality of your eyesight. While many makeup mirrors are 5x, which displays your face magnified five times, there are models that offer as high as 15x for those who are visually challenged. In order to determine the best magnification for your purposes, try out a few mirrors to see what offers you the best view.

Many makeup mirrors feature a magnified and non-magnified side, which allows for the most successful makeup application.

Fact #3: Mirror surface area

Makeup mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Look for a mirror that shows your whole face. Some models come with three mirrors that allow you to get multi-angle views, which can be especially helpful.

Fact #4: Wall-mounted vs. pedestal mirrors

Whether you choose a wall-mounted or pedestal mirror will depend on your grooming habits and your available space. Wall-mounted models work well if you prefer to stand and apply your makeup. They also swivel, which allows you to easily get a good view of all angles of your face. And such mirrors generally have a true image and magnifying side. They are also a good option if you have a small bathroom with limited counter space.

Fact #5: Pedestal mirrors

Pedestal mirrors are placed on a vanity or dressing table and are generally used while sitting down. They come in varying heights and sizes, and some can be adjusted. Many also feature true image and magnified views.

Armed with these enlightening facts on choosing a makeup mirror, you can make the ideal choice for your grooming needs.