Buying Guide to Heaters


Keeping warm and comfortable indoors when temperatures drop outside is easy when you have a space heater. If you want to add the toasty warmth of a portable heater to your home, consider the various types and their capabilities when deciding on the ideal model.

Red Heater

How do you determine the best type of space heater for your home?

The type of portable space heater you choose to heat your home is determined by how you plan to use the heater and the space you intend to heat. Consider these main types of portable heaters when making your decision.

Designed to heat an entire space or room, convection heaters circulate currents across a heating element, such as an electric coil. This type of portable heater heats slowly and generally makes very little noise when operating.
Small but powerful, is a convection heater that contains a ceramic disc located within the machine for safety that heats up to high temperatures and a fan to distribute the warm air.
Used for spot heating directly where the warmth is needed, radiant heaters are effective in small spaces.
As their name suggests, bathroom heaters are designed for use in the bathroom. They are built so that the current interrupts if the heater is exposed to water.
Heat produced by light not visible to the naked eye, this type of portable heater often comes in a decorative wooden case. Many of these heaters feature quartz, and they have the added benefit of heating your home without reducing oxygen or humidity.
Specific to Vornado products, these heaters effectively circulate warm air throughout an area, which makes them perfect for large rooms or rooms with high ceilings or skylights.

Do space heaters come with any safety features?

Many space heaters are equipped with an auto shutoff function that causes the heater to cease operating if the machine accidentally tips over and internal sensors that prevent the machine from overheating. Cool touch technology also makes the exterior of some heaters touchable, which reduces the risk of accidental burns. These features are especially valuable if you have pets or young children in the home. Also remember to keep objects from touching the unit and maintain air flowing around the heater.