Buying Guide to Fans


Buying Guide to Fans

5 Things to Know Before You Buy

Keeping cool is a serious business. Buy the wrong fan and you could be left sweating through summer's sweltering temps. We give you our top six must-knows before you cool your heels and make a final purchase.

Fact #1: Space

Are you looking to cool the entire living room? Or just trying to get the air circulating bedside? Use this easy-breezy breakdown to find the right fan for your space:

  • Ceiling: Made for cooling large rooms. Especially good for spaces with high ceilings or those with limited floor space.
  • Oscillating: Also great for larger rooms, these fans rotate back and forth so they can cool a wider area.
  • Floor: These standing fans oscillate, making them key for cooling smaller rooms or targeted areas.
  • Tower: Another large room option. These fans are quieter than a floor fan.
  • Table: These smaller, portable units are a must-have to catch an extra breeze bedside, while you're cooking in the kitchen, or to cool off as you type away at your computer.
  • Window: This style unit fits neatly in your window, making it a smart option for rooms that lack floor of shelf space. They typically feature twin blades with settings that cool or exhaust.
  • Hand held: These tiny fans (often small enough to stick in a purse) put out just enough air to keep you cool while you sun in the backyard, or root for your favorite team from the bleachers

Fact #2: Settings

Before you commit, check to see if your fan has multiple settings. This will give you more control over your cooling options.

Fact #3: Tilt

Many floor and desk fans come with a tilt option that allows you to adjust the direction of the breeze. This is a must if you plan on using your fan in more than one location.

Fact #4: Remote Control

We all have lazy moments -- especially when it's hot outside. Live a little and get a fan with a remote control so you can turn it on and off without getting up.

Fact #5: Battery vs. Plug

Most fans operate via plug, but there are a few portable options that also operate via battery. Snag one of these if you're struggling for open outlet space in your dorm room, or looking for a way to cool down on your next camping trip.

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