Ironing Board Covers

Ironing can be a chore, especially when you let it pile up – doing so only makes it more difficult to remove wrinkles and creases. Get ahead of your chores by starting out with the right equipment; in addition to a sturdy ironing board, you'll need a good quality ironing board cover and pad. Browse our selection and compare ironing board covers to find the best fit; choose from extra–wide ironing board covers, tabletop ironing board pad and cover sets, heat reflective ironing board replacement pad and cover sets, flame resistant ironing board covers and more. The best ironing board cover will be both scorch resistant and stain resistant; a heat reflective cover and pad lets you iron faster since it redirects the heat back to the item you are pressing. An ironing board pad is important because it stops you from pressing the ironing board pattern onto whatever you are ironing. Get good quality ironing board accessories and cut down on your ironing by being faster and more efficient.