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Smart Lighting & Outlets

Let there be light! Imagine being able to control your home’s lighting from a smart phone or tablet app, regardless of whether you are home or away. Smart home lighting makes this possible, and the options are almost endless. Perhaps you’ve heard about Philips hue lights – they are controlled by the Philips hue app, which is compatible with Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. This means that when you equip a lamp with a Philips hue or similar smart bulb, you can remotely brighten and dim the light, set timers and turn power on and off. If you’re out and about and plans have changed so that you’ll be coming home later than anticipated – no worries – simply turn lights on or off remotely; create the impression that someone is already home, plus you’ll never come home to a darkened house again. Smart lighting is especially useful in a vacation home – you and your guests will always feel welcome when you arrive to a brightly-lit front door. Browse our selection of smart light bulbs for ideas, information and energy-saving home lighting solutions; arrange for convenient delivery using your table or smart phone. Compare smart LED light bulbs, smart candelabra bulbs, smart dimmable LED bulbs, white and color ambiance bulbs and more. The Philips hue starter kit is a great way to begin transforming your home using smart technology, and once you begin replacing bulbs you can move on to update light switches and outlets too. Convert a standard electrical outlet into a smart home enabled outlet and control it using your iPhone or Android device. Choose from smart plugs, smart dimmer switches, wireless lights, wireless dimming kits, smart home toggle light switches and more. Why leave pets in the dark or stumble into a darkened home when you can control lights remotely – it’s safe, smart and saves energy too.