Ring Floodlight Camera
Ring Floodlight Camera
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    Ring Floodlight Camera

    Security & Safety

    Protecting your family, your belongings and your home is essential to peace of mind – safety and security are of paramount importance. Home security systems are one way to ensure your loved ones are protected; modern technology has advanced to the point that you can use your smart phone to monitor what’s happening at home whether you are there or not. Skip the stress of high-pressure sales and monthly monitoring fees – browse our selection of surveillance cameras and home monitoring systems any time for ideas, information and affordable solutions designed to meet your specific needs; arrange for convenient delivery using your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Choose from intelligent electronic door locks, WIFI-enabled smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, indoor/outdoor security cameras, motion sensors, floodlight cameras, video doorbells and more. Home surveillance cameras let you see who is at your front door, when a package was dropped off, what your dog is chasing in the back yard, when the newspaper or mail is delivered, who is cutting across your lawn or failing to curb their dog. These are the sorts of things that can enhance or erode your quality of life, which is why home monitoring systems are so popular. Never miss a visitor again when you use a WIFI-enabled door chime to alert you there is someone at the door; see and speak to visitors wherever you are by using your smart phone. Enjoy peace of mind whether you are at home or away when you monitor activities on your smart phone; home surveillance systems are also helpful when you have a vacation home or remote cabin – they can help you to address weather-related damage promptly and even take preventative measures to mitigate loss. Concerned about an elderly family member who lives alone, or wonder what time the kids get home from school? Cameras allow you to monitor people, pets, possessions and places for peace of mind.