Meat & Seafood Tools

Professional chefs know the importance of using the right tool for the job – not only is food preparation is more efficient, use of the right tools often distinguishes the dish and brings out the best in the food. Enjoy surf & turf? Prepare seafood and meat like a pro – browse our selection of seafood and meat preparation tools for information, inspiration and solutions; arrange for delivery with a click of the mouse. Choose from seafood cracker sets, oyster knives, seafood scissors, lobster crackers, shrimp cleaners, shellfish knives, crab tools, fish bone tweezers and more. Master meat preparation with meat tenderizing tools, flavor enhancers and marinade injectors, meat claws, meat choppers and turners, hamburger presses, meat hammers, marrow spoons and skewers. Need a great gift for the BBQ enthusiast or gourmet cook on your list? Specialty meat and seafood tools are a welcome addition to any kitchen or grill.