Garlic & Herb Tools

Garlic and fresh herbs make any meal magical, and fresh herbs are often what distinguishes a professional meal from the work of a home cook. When you select fresh ingredients, and set out to cook like a pro, all you need are a few simple tools designed to make it easy to bring out the best each ingredient has to offer. Perhaps you grow rosemary and sage, or have bought fresh basil from the market; reap the bounty of your harvest and add another dimension to every meal with fresh herbs. Got garlic? Browse our selection of garlic presses to find the best way to release all the flavor dimensions garlic offers; choose from garlic slicers, garlic crushers, garlic mincers and garlic cutters designed to make short work of this classic ingredient. Herb keepers and herb savers help you get the most out of fresh cut herbs, while herb tools such as herb mills, herb scissors and greens strippers make it easy to incorporate fresh herbs into any dish.