OXO SteeL™ Utensils
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OXO SteeL™ Utensils
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OXO SteeL™ Utensils

Cooking Utensils

Whether you are an accomplished home cook or just starting out, a well-equipped cooking space quickly becomes any cook’s best friend. Outfitting an office kitchen, dorm room, first apartment, new home or adding to your gourmet kitchen? BedBathandBeyond.ca offers a vast selection of specialized cooking tools and everyday cooking utensil sets, helping you to find any gizmo or gadget that you may need for your next culinary adventure.

Place holder

You’re sure to have utensils abound, and it’s a good idea to keep your favorites at your fingertips – our variety of utensil holders can help you stylishly store essentials in plain sight on your countertop in a neat and tasteful arrangement. Match your kitchen’s décor from sleek and stylish to bold and colorful or classic country – you’ll find something for every taste. Looking for a housewarming or wedding gift? Kitchen tools and gadgets are a must because everyone must eat; get the new couple or proud homeowner a set of good quality cooking utensils because, as the saying goes, when you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; when you teach him how to fish, he eats for life.

Special Tasks Call For Specific Tools

Whipping up a new culinary creation? Choose just the right kitchen tool for the task – compare mini spatulas, whisks, waffle tongs, potato mashers, flexible turners, toast tongs, ladles and more. Compare cooking spoons for mixing and serving; offered in a variety of finishes including bamboo, stainless steel, nylon, silicone, and more, each utensil is designed to perform food preparation and serving tasks efficiently. Serve up the perfect sautéed meal with the selection of wood utensils so that they don’t scratch your pans or react with acidic foods such as tomatoes or lemons. A basic set of utensils should include slotted and solid spoons, slotted and solid spatulas, tongs, a ladle, a pasta fork and a whisk. These are the essentials you need to make your kitchen complete and allow your culinary genius to take flight.