Fitness DVDs

Working out in a gym can be challenging, especially when you don’t look or feel as fit as you’d like. Skip the gym and work out at your own pace in your own place – working out in the privacy of home lets you exercise when you want, at the pace you prefer. Browse our selection of exercise videos and DVDs any time of the day or night for ideas, information and workout solutions; arrange for convenient delivery with a click of the mouse. Choose from exercise DVDs designed to jump start your workout routine, Zumba® DVDs, yoga DVDs that help you center your mind and get a healthy workout, fitness DVDs and more. Challenge yourself with helpful DVDs and videos that offer cardio, strength, and flexibility workouts and exercises; enjoy the freedom of working out when and where it suits you – on the deck, at work or in your den. Just starting an exercise program? Home fitness DVDs help you get started by focusing on the basics.