Makeup Brushes & Tools

Makeup application is easy when you add makeup brushes to your beauty portfolio – it’s what professional makeup artists use to ply their trade and the results are easily distinguishable. Enhance your makeup skills – browse our selection of makeup brush sets any time for ideas, information and professional quality solutions; arrange for convenient delivery direct to your door using any smart device. A good quality makeup brush is designed to last for years, which is why you’ll also want to invest in makeup brush cleaner; taking care of your makeup brush will prolong its useful life and help to provide optimal performance. A cleansing mat lets you clean cosmetic brushes using just soap and water; most are designed to clean everything from eye and lip brushes to bronzer, powder, blush and foundation brushes. A makeup brush may be used for a wide variety of makeup applications; use one to apply powder, liquid and cream-based makeups, blusher, highlighter, bronzer, eye makeup, foundation, contour, setting powders and more. Popular makeup tools include lip brushes, blusher brushes, bronzer brushes, eye brushes and powder brushes. Brushing on makeup helps to smooth and blend cosmetics for a natural look; using a makeup brush to apply cosmetics helps to keep makeup on your face and not on your hands or clothing. Achieve professional, makeup artist quality results when you highlight or contour using a makeup brush; it not only gives your foundation a flawless finish, use of a brush prevents transference of oils and bacteria from your fingers to your face, which results in fewer clogged pores. A brush allows you to build up coverage where you need it (under eyes, over blemishes, etc.) without caking on makeup unnecessarily. Invest in your appearance and make the most of your makeup with good quality makeup tools and brushes.