Sheer Curtains

Life in a Northern climate calls for practical window treatments to help conserve energy usage and retain heat but there?s still a place in every home for stylish sheer curtains. Window sheers filter light while offering a measure of privacy; they soften the look of a room, reduce sun glare and artificial light intrusion while and allow you to enjoy a beautiful view. Whether you prefer a formal look or something more relaxed and casual, versatile sheer window curtains are an essential part of the mix. Use alone to frame a window, layer with a window scarf valance for a more feminine look or use in tandem with curtains and sashes to decorate in a traditional style. Bed Bath & Beyond has a wide array of sheer curtains ? browse any time and use your coupon in-store or online to enjoy great values on all the brands you love.

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Not sure how to decorate with sheer curtains? Not to worry – you’ve got options. Grommetwindow panels offer a clean and modern look while sheer rod pocket window curtains are a traditional approach. Think outside the box with multi-purpose sheers which may be hung traditionally from the top rod pocket, flipped and hung from the bottom hem when you have a larger decorative rod or hung from clip rings for a casual modern look. Hang multiple panels for a layered look of sumptuous style or use one panel for minimalist style to frame a spectacular view and add the finishing touch to any room. Check out our Buying Guide to window treatments for ideas on how to avoid decorating hazards and create the perfect environment for your family.

Benefits of Sheer Curtains

You may wonder – why sheers? Simplicity and style are two obvious reasons – filmy sheer window curtains filter light so you can enjoy natural illumination without glare, both shielding your home furnishings from the effects of the sun and obscuring your activities from prying eyes. Additional benefits include the ability to help address both heating and cooling issues, highlight attractive architectural features and even neutralize odors; odor neutralizing sheer curtain panels can make rooms smell fresh by neutralizing odors from cooking, smoke, pets and mold. Window sheers bring a timeless design to any window, whatever your décor. Sheer curtains work equally well in contemporary and traditional homes and are a perfect solution when you prefer a relaxed, casual style.