Cold Weather Accessories

Baby, it's cold outside! Browse and and find everything to keep your little one cozy, warm and dry in the stroller, car or baby carrier with cold weather accessories designed to keep the elements at bay. Drafts, rain and humidity can be as harmful as low temperatures so look for water and wind resistant materials when selecting baby gear. Essential cold weather accessories include a stroller blanket – use a lightweight blanket in warmer weather to protect your little one from sun and wind; a breathable hooded fleece or insulated blanket with a waterproof and windproof backing is ideal for inclement and chilly weather. Infant car seat covers keep baby nice and warm in the car and on the go; look for weather–resistant fabrics with cozy fleece or similar linings. A brisk walk with baby in any sort of weather is easy when your little one is snuggled in the toasty comfort of a footmuff; if a stroller is not your style a winter edition baby carrier or baby carrier cover is just the thing.