Baby & Kids Clothing

Infant clothes, toddler clothes, and kids' clothes are fun to browse and buy. Whimsical and adorable, they only last for a short time before they are outgrown. When buying clothes for babies and kids, think ahead. Before you know it, they will be ready for that outfit that seemed way too big a month ago. Bed Bath & Beyond carries clothing for infants to toddlers.

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Hardworking Toddler Clothes
The requirement for baby clothes is based on size (and cuteness), but toddler clothes need to be durable. Busy toddlers can wear their clothing a little longer even though they are still growing. Since toddlers are often potty training, easy-access clothing is helpful. Toddler clothes are distinguished from regular kids’ clothes with a capital T after the size number.

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Buying for Babies
If you have ever bought baby clothes, you probably know how it works. The clothing is sized by the age in months, but an outfit sized for 3-6 months doesn't always fit a baby that age. It helps to know the baby's weight, too. Preemie clothing (fitting babies up to five pounds) is easier to find these days, and it's helpful to have those petite, preemie-sized outfits for smaller babies. Check out carter's® Preemie Snap-Up Dinosaur Sleep & Play Footie in Navy. Newborn clothing generally fits babies up to 2 weeks old, and eight pounds. After the preemie and newborn sizes, baby clothing tags are sized in three-month increments. 

When we buy kids girl clothes, we are charmed by the cuteness. When you walk through aisles of kids boy clothes, you are tickled by those handsome outfits for little men. Toddlers and children may want to advise you with their own clothing choices. Let them give their opinion and discuss it together before you start shopping. Bed Bath & Beyond has quality made clothing for all of your little ones.